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Playing online games has been becoming a trend for everyone because they are so good to play. Not only does online games attract players by its amazing game plots, but also it has a diverse genre to pick. If you are the one who is fond of some action movies from DC heroes world, you can choose some action combined story-telling of SpiderMan, Wolverine or Iron Man games. What if you love some kind of some funnily animated characters of Disney, you can right away pick some games relevant to them. In this post, some of cools online games to play with friends will be given to you as a recommendation. Lets check them now.

Playing online games is so much fun to players.


The first game in this post is called Battle for the Galaxy, an absolutely stunning shooting game for those who may have concerns about its genre. This game was first created in September 2016 by AMT games, the co-creator of this hit game Epic War TD2. Since then, this game has been widely acclaimed by a large number of players all over the world with its attractive game content. So lets see what is special about it.

The beautiful visuals of this game will please you eyes most.

This game is also considered as a strategy game since you have to build up your own base and your army. Then use them to attack and steal other enemies resources to gain coin. With a breathtaking 3D graphics, this game will on the edge of your seat in the first time playing. The money you get will use to upgrade your enemies and your weapons to make them become more powerful.

Control your troop to steal the enemies resources. While attacking your opponents, you also have to defend your base too. If you let the enemies destroy your turrets first, this game will be over soon. So do you have what it takes to conquer the mission of both protecting your base and invade the enemies turrets? Lets play and find out.


-Real-time game battle

-Build up your own troop

-Duke up to the enemies to gain victory

-Can gather resources

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The next abso-bloody-lutely awesome game from the list of the highest- rated game for you is Gangsters Squad. This game was created by Faramel Games in November 2018, a couple of months ago. Right away, it has been becoming a smash hit game to lots of online gamers, and of course, it got much good feedback from them.

The excitement at the start of a race can really get the adrenaline flowing.

In this amazing shooting game, you will have a chance to become a ruthless gangster to fight against lots of other players. Before starting the game, you can choose your favorite skins to make them look more mysterious and dangerous too.

Your mission is to get rid of many enemies as you can to become a top gangster. Use your weapons wisely such as machine gun and submachine gun. The gameplay is quite intense and engaging, definitely will have you on the edge of your seat.  Lets play and good luck.

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